Fenwick Photo Arts was founded in 2013 on the belief that art is the universal language of understanding, storytelling, mystery, and love. And, that each of those elements are paramount to a good day. 

Today, the company specializes in art partnerships, extended travel series, and building strong visual narratives for brands and social initiatives alike. 




Laura Fenwick -- Owner; Head Creative. 

When she's not showing her camera the world, Laura is train traveling, sending handwritten letters, cooking for the people she loves, and flipping through radio stations until she finds a good dance beat. 

Sometimes, when her camera is very lucky, she shows it those things, too. 

Gwen McLaren -- Business Manager. 

Gwen splits her time between Nashville and Los Angeles. She enjoys road trips, rock climbing, and early morning trail runs with her husband and two dogs, Scout and Malachi. 

She hates being photographed, and fully recognizes the immense irony in that.