In 2019, we’re trying something new. It’s in two parts. The first part is this:

Do Well To Do Good

For every quarter showing increased revenue, Fenwick Photo Arts will make a donation to a cause dedicated to humanitarian or environmental aid. 

To kick things off, we’re paying towards school lunch debt within two school systems close to our hearts: Nashville Metro Public Schools and McHenry Districts 15/156. That’s the system serving our home base of Nashville, and the school districts Laura attended as a kiddo. To join us in supporting school lunches for families who struggle to finance the subsidized rate, click here. 

Part two looks like this:

Do Good To Do Well

For every ten hours of volunteering you or your team complete, Fenwick Photo Arts will comp one half day shoot, full day shoot, or fine art print order by 10%. Each product or service will receive one single comp, with surplus volunteer hours credited to the next order or booking. 

We want to celebrate and fortify our communities at the same time we provide you with discounted opportunities to access dynamic visual marketing campaigns, travel collections, and fine art prints. So, cheers to 2019, and to doing well and doing good, alike.