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Signed and dated by the artist, each print is pulled custom-to-order. Gallery series and limited edition series include a provenance, and all prints include a handwritten letter detailing what went into making each photograph. Unless specified during ordering, all fine art prints are on Moab Entrada — a matte paper with museum grade archival ratings, and a luxe presentation. 

4x6 — $28

8x12 — $80

12x18 — $150

16x24 — $250

20x30 — $420

24x36 — $775

30x45 — $1100

40x60 — $2000

To order, send an inquiry through the form submission at the bottom of the page.

Link to FAVORITE IMAGES FOR PRINTS — selected by the artist and suggested for most true-to-life quality. 

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Gallery + Limited Edition Collections

Polaroid Series

Shot on Polaroid 600 black and white film, this series shows the landscapes of the US in a classic style while allowing for the emulsion of a modern film to shine. Sensitive to temperature changes, Polaroid film offers a medium that reacts to the soaring daytime heat in the desert and the nighttime lows in the mountains just as much as it reacts to the light of the image exposure. Each image captures the landscape, and — through heat-flashed emulsions, river water immersions, and weather-proof final storage — all it took to reach it.

Prints: 15x15 inch image size // 19x19 inch border size // $250 each

Kaleidoscope Heart

Shot with custom handmade kaleidoscopic lenses crafted by the artist, these images feature landscapes through the optics of perspective alteration. Each final image is labeled with a geotag of where the image was made, so the collector has the option to create their own perspective shift in the original environment.

Prints: 15x15 inch image size // 17x17 inch border size // $300 each


Prints: 6x9 inch image size // 8x11 inch border size // $200 each

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