"There's no photographer I've known that compares to Laura. She's not only dedicated, driven and thorough, but also passionate, caring and a with a keen sense of vision. She's an innate story teller and through her lens you can see all of her qualities converge into that beautiful shot. Her work is unique, enchanting and mesmerizing. Truly a remarkable and soulful human being!"

--Sam Jimenez, international food + drink + travel advisor, client


"Fenwick Photo Arts took my nebulous description of an atmospheric and semi-abstract book cover concept and delivered a product so close to what I was envisioning that I can only assign the word 'uncanny' to how it felt to see the final work. Laura's professional, personable and intensely capable. She wants what you want and knows how to capture it."

--Matt Toler, author, client


"My experience with Laura Fenwick has been, without a doubt, magical. She's not just an innovator, she's a life changer. She is disciplined, and more importantly, empathetic. Laura has taught me to be as focused and loving as she is. Her passion for everything she does is inspirational. I can't express enough how I long to hear about her travels and the projects she involves herself with, because they are filled with life. She leaves her heart on the table and gives a damn about every aspect that this artistic world has to offer." 

--Mel Alfaiate, hair + makeup artist


"I feel like I dreamt the serendipitous, organic, incredible photoshoot we had.

When you work with someone like Laura of Fenwick Photo Arts, who understands the feeling and soul of what you make and can translate that into a wordless story, you know you're in the hands of a true artist.

Laura, thank you for creating your magic behind the camera like a tireless angel all day."

--Meredith Eastburn, Amaranthus Paper Flora, client


"Laura has been my own alchemist. Always encouraging, always inspiring, and always pushing me to that next level of myself. She lives outside of other peoples boxes and outside of fear. That is why she is so talented. When you can see the world through her lens, you can see it better — see it inspired."

--Dominique Calvillo, hair + makeup artist


"It’s the little things that, together, form a magical experience and working with Laura truly is a magical experience. It’s not only her beautiful work behind the camera that shines, but her professionalism and customer service that truly differentiate her from everyone else out there. The little things include her passion, constant drive for perfection, and the need to tell the story that her camera so effortlessly captured. Working with Laura is a dream, texts and calls are responded with no hesitation. Opinions and answers offered with friendliness and lovingness. Requests are met with enthusiasm and promptness. Working with Laura is like working with a close friend, a close friend who is damn good at capturing love, excitement, joy, trust, and the exhilarating little moments of life."

--Jacquie Beck, client



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